“The City upon a Hill” by John Winthrop: what is it about?

The Covenant People of God should hold in their hearts and efforts this vision of ” a city on a hill.”

The Historic Present

The “City upon a Hill” section of the sermon called “A Model of Christian Charity” was written in 1630 by the Puritan leader John Winthrop while the first group of Puritan emigrants was still onboard their ship, the Arbella, waiting to disembark and create their first settlement in what would become New England. The “City” section of this sermon was pulled out by later readers as a crystallization of the Puritan mission in the New World.

Of course, as with any topic touching on the Puritans, there’s some myth-busting to be done. By now, the “City upon a Hill” excerpt has come to represent irritating Puritan pridefulness—they thought they were perfect, a city on a hill that everyone else would admire and want to emulate. In reality, the excerpt is far from a back-patting exercise. It is a gauntlet laid down to the already weary would-be settlers. Let’s go through it:

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Determining a good Muslim from a bad Muslim is as easy as comparing them to Muhammad

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Study - Grow - Know

Muslims either live as Muhammad did or not and only one way is the correct way

Some argue that these are false Muslims because they are not peaceful. Really? Some argue that these are false Muslims because they are not peaceful. Really?

I think most would agree that a person claiming to be a Christian is immediately compared to the life of Christ. If that person doesn’t exhibit Christ-like traits, it is easy to conclude that he/she is lying or deluded.

People are judged by how they live – what they say and what they do. It simply stands to reason that people who claim to be Christian are judged in this way.

Shouldn’t the same criteria be used with Muslims? Just as it is fair to compare Christians with Jesus, it is also fair to compare Muslims to Muhammad. Therefore, the more we know about Muhammad, the more accurately we will be able to compare his followers with the man himself.

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The Door

The Door

How do you know which way is right spiritually? Ask yourself this question, “do I want to know the truth?”

Your heart, your will, is the key to finding what you are looking for.

Psalms 1:3

Psalms 1:3 concept, What you think deeply on will determine your well being. If you delight in the ways of God and meditate on His Word, you will be like a deeply rooted tree drawing spiritual light and healing integration into your innermost being. Your life will bear the fruit of inner peace and joy. Others will be drawn into your commune.

Ears to Hear

To access the spiritual dimension there is a need for an inner ear.

Jesus often said, “he who has ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying.”

Through the “healing” that Jesus provides we can “hear.”

To cultivate this spiritual hearing, one must “seek the kingdom of God.”